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Cambria Press

Cambria Press created quite the splash at the 2011 African Studies Association annual meeting where Cambria Press was a sponsor. Many ASA attendees were thrilled with the tote bags from Cambria Press which was the official ASA conference bag. It was not just the attendees who were pleased … Cambria Press authors who attended tweeted that they were extremely happy with Cambria Press and said that Cambria Press did an “amazing job”! Visitors to the Cambria Press booth were also pleasantly surprised by the 30% discount that Cambria Press was offering to both professors and their libraries. We will post more again soon on Cambria Press!


Cambria Updates

Cambria Press is now on google+! Lots of news about Cambria Press posted there, including why Cambria Press authors are so pleased with their publishing experience. Find out why Cambria Press is making headlines. It is not just because Cambria Press is innovative but also because Cambria Press is a publisher that recognizes the urgency of publication. Once a Cambria Press manuscript passes double-blind peer review, Cambria Press will work quickly with the author to get the book out as efficiently as possible.


There are many other exciting developments at Cambria Press and many are taking note of all these great events at Cambria Press.

Excellent Books in African Studies Build Up the Reputation of Cambria Press

Excellent Books in African Studies Build Up the Reputation of Cambria PressLE: 

The reputation of Cambria Press, the innovative publisher, is shooting up with all its successful authors, excellent book reviews, and prestigious awards. The spotlight is on African studies this month because Cambria Press will be at the African Studies Association (ASA) 2011 annual meeting, showing off books that have earned great reviews. Cambria Press is also the proud sponsor of the 2011 ASA conference tote bag at this 54th annual meeting, celebrating 50 years of African Liberation. Browse Cambria Press titles at the book exhibit.

Cambria Press will also be providing a special discount to attendees and their libraries. So be sure to keep your eye out for the Cambria Pressdiscount! This should be in the Cambria Press conference tote bag.

The most recent example is Water Resources Management in Ethiopia: Implications for the Nile Basin which was praised by the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development for being “admirable” and “a highly valuable contribution.”

Cambria Press authors who will be attending the ASA annual meeting include Robert Maxon (West Virginia University) whose book, Britain and Kenya’s Constitutions, 1950–1960, was just published, as well as Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard University) whose Cambria Press publications are Public Memory of Slavery: Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic and Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Interactions, Identities, and Images.

Another noteworthy book is Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa-China Relations by Adams Bodomo, which is scheduled to be published by Cambria Press in 2012.

Learn more about these professors and their research at the Cambria Press website. These books will also be at the  ISA annual convention next year.

CambriaPress – Publication

Cambria Press is a leader in the independent publishing business.  Their primary focus is the publication of academic and professional works.  Since this type of publication demands quality and accuracy, Cambria employs a vigorous yet fair system of reviewing prospective works for publication.


Aspiring authors are first required to send a proposal to Cambria Press.  The proposal can be in the form of an outline, chapter or can be the full manuscript. Cambria prides itself on fast turnarounds, and will evaluate a proposal within only three weeks.  This allows authors to quickly reevaluate their manuscript if it happens to be rejected.


If an author gets their manuscript approved it is sent to the peer review process.  Peer review is very advantageous to the author and the publishing house, as it ensures a high degree of quality.  In an academic community peer review is typically handled by qualified experts in the field.  The standards are usually very high, and works that are not based on solid scholarship will be rejected.  Authors that pass peer review can feel comfortable knowing that their work was subject to scrutiny and managed to pass the high standards that Cambria Press sets for its publications.


Cambria Press does extra work that authors would not typically expect from a big publishing house.  Once a work is approved for publication,Cambria will edit the work.  They will also use advanced book design software to professionally prepare the book for release.  In addition, Cambria will work with the author in determining the proper title for the publication. .


The publication process is much faster than most other academic publishers.  Typically, it only takes 4 to 12 weeks for the publication process to be completed (but only after passing peer review and getting approved).  Other houses can take up to a whopping 5 years before approved works see the light of day.  This is not even a remotely acceptable situation for most authors, especially because the literature is constantly undergoing change and 5 years can make certain information obsolete.


Cambria Press handles the otherwise arduous process of publication with ease.  From the initial proposal to release, every step is handled efficiently.  Authors can rest assured that if their work passes peer review they will soon see their well presented, fully edited publication in stores and online in no time.

Cambria Press

If you need to publish a scholarly monograph, look no further than Cambria Press.

Cambria Press is an independent, innovative publisher of high-quality, peer-reviewed academic research. Authors enjoy full services and timely publications. Books have garnered excellent academic journal reviews and won prestigious awards, including CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, the Nicolas Bessaraboff Prize by the American Musical Instrument Society, and the Christine L. Oravec Award in Environmental Communication.

Well you’re in luck with Cambria Press since Cambria is the leader in academic publishing you have all of the help needed to ensure that you can go ahead and publish your work and get it seen.

Like any good researcher, check out all your publishing house options, including Cambria Press.

Academic Publishers

Academic publishing does not have to be a long drawn-out nightmare! It can actually be smooth, prompt, and efficient AND with high quality. Welcome to Cambria Press’ fan website. We have heard hundreds of compliments from proud and happy authors who have worked with this publishing company and this is a fan site that I have created.